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Welcome to the Test&Go Open Source project
Test&Go is a major SPAD product.

The goal for Test&Go is to provide a very efficient platform to perform Data Validation and Data Flow tasks.

Today, it has become essential to incorporate Data Validation tasks in every company because High Quality data results in High Quality Information and Knowledge necessary for every day operations and decisions. Information is an essential part of every company's assets.

The Test&Go platorm consists of an IDE and an execution environment. The Test&Go Developer is a mature and very advanced Graphical IDE running on Windows.

The runtime environment is provided by the Test&Go Server, a platform independent engine capable of executing scripts generated by the Test&Go Developer.

We have decided to make the Test&Go Developer an Open Source developement in order to provide a free Data Validation and Data Flow tool to the public.

Test&Go Developer

Test&Go its proud to present the new Test&Go Developer version 5.0

Test&Go Developer 5.0 provides a plugin API allowing you to build advanced programs on top of Test&Go for automatic script creation.

This design lets you easily configure Test&Go for various advanced tasks such as DQM (Data Quality Management).
Runtime Test&Go

The Test&Go Runtime offers the following features:
  • Execution of any Test&Go script created with either Test&Go Developer or its plugins

  • Multi-platform deployment environemment

  • Execution of Java and Python functions at runtime


Test&Go announces its new Test&Go Developer version 5.0